Treatments concept


You are craving for rest , relaxation or just in the right mood for discovery and wellness ?

At Résonance naturelle we have carefully selected 4 customizable treatment approches according to your needs.

Discover below your 4 available treatment options

Découverte, initiation, santé, bien-être, massage, énergétique

Wellness program

In small private group or company session, discover, understand, experience and become the engine of change in your daily life.

ACUPRESSION shiatsu massage

Craniofacial Massage therapy

Ease muscle and nerve tensions, restore the energy flow through your body.

fleurs de Bach

Bach flower remedies

Reconnect with your emotions and thoughts, take part to the dialogue between your mind and body

MAGNÉTISME SUPÉRIEUR​ reiki thérapie énergétique

Therapeutic magnetism

Rebalance your body’s vibrational frequency and release emotional blockage

Did you know ?

Each on of us is unique. Just as each organism has its own way of responding to a stimulus, each living being has its own sensitivity. Your sensitivity makes you receptive to certain forms more than others. Although the ground is often similar, finding the right therapeutic approach for you is a way to reconnect with your sensitivity. This dialogue with your essence is an essential element for restoring and maintaining your health.