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- Jorat-Mézières, Epalinges, Lausanne -

Naturopathie P.V. Marchesseau citation

« Life flowing through our body is not inexhaustible. Therefore it ought to be understood and respected. Let us enjoy it ravishing fruits with moderation. But let us keep in mind how to maintain the wonderful plant which bore them. »


Résonance naturelle massage à domicile

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Résonance naturelle massage à domicile


Our attention is more than ever drawn to the outside. Focused on others, life events, our duties…so intensely, we forget about our real needs. The body, our best ally, raises the alarm and the first symptoms began to show up.

One of the most efficient way to reconnect with ourselves is through our body. Leading this change, we become able to rediscover our physiology, our needs, pleasure and learn gradually to grow our inner selves. Health is part of the original nature of humans. One of our greatest power lie in maintaining and shaping it.